"just show up..."

...the phrase that ran through my brain when a close friend was having a life crisis. But I was hundreds of miles away and a college student with a low income. I couldn't afford a dozen flowers that would die. I couldn't buy a plane ticket. I wanted to be there for her, but had no clue how. 

I thought that it wasn't right: it should be easy to show up. It shouldn't be expensive or take hours to figure it out. 

"what if it was easy to show up for those we love?" 

And that is how in this box came to be. I want friends, family, and strangers to be able to have a place to go where they can buy something for someone- with a purpose. With different price levels, gift options, and non profits they could support. 

But we aren't quite there yet. Someday, we will be a full-fledged business. But until then.  We figured out a different way to show up anyway. Every 3-4 months, you can nominate someone to receive a box full of goods from small businesses across the nation. They can be going through a difficult time- of loss, grief, disappointment. or a celebration- of life, joy, excitement. 

If the person you nominated doesn't get chosen. don't worry. you still showed up. and we will send them an art print telling them just that. and you'll get one too, that reminds you that doing good things isn't always easy, but it is always right. 

Want to nominate someone? awesome! click here or go to "nominate" at the top. Want to donate to this cause? go to "contact" and someone will chat with you about in this box and our financial goals. 



1. Blanket from Target
2. Candle from Lindbergh Candle Co 
3. Custom Journal from Ms. Alison Writes
4. Art print designed in house
5. Hand written note of encouragement

*content of boxes may change due to supply, ideas, customization, etc.